Dental Implant All on four

This Porsche driving patient was a very high class lady, her aesthetic demands were exact and the standards she was expecting were very high. The dedicated team at the practice were able to meet and surpass her every demand.

She was fed up of plastic teeth and the cosmetic result this gave her, she was also concerned that the dentures were getting looser due to bone loss and she did not want her face collapsing and the look of premature ageing so dental implants were high on her list of priorities.

After a careful assessment, which involved a multi-disciplinary team of two implant surgeons and technical team and a nursing team, we decided that All On 4 Implants (Teeth In A Day), would be the best option for her.

We opted for flapless CBCT guided surgery.

After a CBCT scan, we were able to analyse her jaw structure, the bone quantity, quality and the most favourable implant sites to give the best end result. We created a bespoke plan for her treatment.

The entire surgical journey is planned start to finish and guided by CBCT (cone beam computerised tomography or a CT scan for short.)

Using the surgical guide allows us to place the implants accurately, the surgery is flap-less. Meaning that we did not have to make a cut in her gums at all! This means less surgery for the patient, little or no bleeding, virtually no swelling and faster healing.

Once the implants are placed which takes around an hour the technicians get busy finishing the pre-made teeth. Within 4 hours we are able to place implants and get teeth fixed in place.

For the final teeth, we worked with our All On 4 Technician, to create a Titanium Subframe with Ceramic Teeth to create a natural look and feel, this was custom made with bespoke designs to ensure the patient gets exactly the look that they want. Several try-in sessions are conducted to ensure that cosmetics, aesthetics, colour shade and phonetics are perfect and exactly how the patient wants them to be!

The patient was “so very impressed with the look and feel of the new teeth!”

She could eat without having a denture moving around, no food trapping under the plate, no adhesive to glue the denture in place and most importantly no glass of water with teeth in on the bedside cabinet. She was able to smile, eat and speak with confidence. She had one of the nicest aesthetic results we have ever achieved, it surpassed her exacting standards.

The most important factor with dental implants is they prevent further bone loss which is a big factor in long term stability and facial aesthetics.

Our dental team have seen many complex cases to conclusion successfully over the last 28 years creating smile makeovers that not only give our patients their confidence back but give our patients their ability to eat, smile and laugh without having to be conscious.

Our oldest All-on-Four case is now 22 years old and is weathering perfectly with no issues, no gum loss, no bone loss and aesthetics that have had a life changing effect on our patient.

Give us 4 hours, and we will give you back your smile!

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