Emily’s SmileMakeover Story

Emily came to C.A.R.E. Dental Leicester after surveying many websites and looking at Google reviews.

She presented with retroclined incisors and really hated her smile.

We had several consultations where we looked at options for adult braces, Invisalign, surgery to section the jaw and correct the issue but we eventually ruled out all options except the “prepless” veneers.

A digital diagnostic printed model was made of the end result and prototypes made chairside were used to assess the smile and functionality of the smile makeover.

Emily was ecstatic and the final result speaks for itself.

The dedicated team at C.A.R.E. Dental Leicester love to see the transition in patient confidence and the impact we have on our patients. Nothing gives us more job satisfaction. Changing Smiles to change lives! 

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Before & After

Emily's Venner Case BeforeEmily's Venner Case After

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Pre-op Photos

Emily's Pre-Op Photo 2
Emily's Pre-Op Photo 3
Emily's Pre-Op Photo 4

3D Mould of Finished Results

Emily's Veneer 3D MockUp 2
Emily's Veneer 3D MockUp
Emily's Veneer 3D MockUp 2

Post-op Photo

Emily Post Op Veneer Case 2
Emily's Venner Case After
Emily's Veneer Case 2

If you are not happy with any aspect of your smile, speak with our dental professionals who will work with you to find a bespoke solution and make you smile with confidence once more!

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A Guide to Porcelain Veneers

Dental Team - CARE Dental Leicester

Porcelain Veneers Procedure
After a thorough assessment of your dental health, diagnostic wax models are created to show you the final outcome before any treatment, Teeth are then lightly shaved to correct size, shape and position. The laboratory can construct your veneers in 48 hours.

Hence the transformation of your smile can be completed rapidly with the minimum of fuss maintaining discretion.

Using the Latest CEREC Technology
We can also make your veneers while you wait using the latest CEREC technology. The diagnostic wax-ups can be scanned in so that an exact correlation can be produced within your mouth. This allows us to complete your smile makeover in around 3 hours! No temporisation is required, your new smile is fitted and complete on the same day.

C.A.R.E. Dental Team

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