Netflix Dental Practice

Anxiety towards dental appointments is extremely common. Whether you’re nervous about a simple check-up or a more time consuming procedure like dental implants, it all feels the same. 

Anxiety puts us in a state of fight or flight, because we fear the unknown and are often uncomfortable with clinical surroundings. 

That’s why we’ve invested in industry leading technology that allows you to feel more at home when visiting Care Dental surgery. 

Netflix Dental Practice
Netflix, In The Surgery?!

We’ve installed Netflix in all of our surgeries, meaning you can enjoy the shows you like whilst our dentists get to work. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our patient’s experience through feedback forms, online surveys or through general chit-chat. 

Introducing Netflix seemed like a logical step in the right direction as we assessed what the practice can integrate that features in our day-to-day home lives. 

Whilst we can’t provide you with a pillow and duvet to binge watch the entirety of Peaky Blinders, we can ensure you will feel a lot more at ease in our new, ergonomically designed comfort chairs with your favourite shows just a button away. 

Perhaps we can call it…Netflix & Drill. No? OK. We will see ourselves out.  

Changing The Game

We asked Dr Amit Kotecha why he introduced the Netflix service as part of his practice’s renovation and he said this.

“As an oral surgery specialist with over 30 years experience, I’ve seen my fair share of nervous patients. Whilst we have always done our best to improve the patient’s experience, I don’t think we have every introduced something so pioneering and game changing as this – and this is just the start. To set us apart from the rest, we know that we have to keep finding new ways to ensure the patients of Care Dental Surgery leave the doors feeling wowed, and introducing Netflix into each surgery, was a logical step in the right direction”.

Dr Amit Kotecha