Porcelain VeneersCase 1

All on Six, Implant retained metal ceramic bridge.

This patient wanted the fit and feel of natural teeth, he chose to have 6 dental implants to replace the missing teeth…

Dental Implants Case Studies

Dental Implants Leicester Case 2
Dental Implants Case 2
This patient was recommended to CARE Dental, by friends and family and she flew in from Africa, lack of decent dental services meant that she had severe gum disease…
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Dental Implants Leicester Case 3
Dental Implants Case 3
He had a severe gag reflex and loose fitting dentures that he just could not tolerate. This was my very first all on four Implant case conducted in 2000. All on four was…
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Dental Implants Leicester Case 4
Dental Implants Case 4
This patient was unlucky enough to knock out three teeth while going in for a challenging header. The teeth were shattered and could not be replaced. We were able to place immediate…
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Dental Implants Leicester Case 5
Dental Implants Case 5
A Hybrid Prosthesis on Four Dental Implants Four dental implants were placed for this patient and around 8 weeks later a hybrid prosthesis was fitted. This is a fixed…
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