Six Month Smiles In Leicester

Six Month Smiles In Leicester

A Patient found herself conscious around friends, family and co-workers, as she was not happy with the shape of her teeth. She felt that it was too late to have an orthodontics treatment and having braces would be intrusive on her day to day life.

We introduced her to Six Month Smiles in Leicester, a non-intrusive treatment plan, where braces blend in with your teeth. Treatment took only Six Months, as opposed to an average of two years from a conventional orthodontics treatment plan.

Fast, Affordable & Effective.

Sixth Month Smiles in Leicester is a fast, affordable & effective method compared to traditional braces. Find out why below. 

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General Questions

Have a question about our Six Month Smile treatment here in Leicester? Perhaps we can answer it for you below!

How does it work in only 6 months?
How does it work in only 6 months?
Six Month Smile braces are safe, comfortable, and provide quick results. Using proven techniques and materials, the braces have been specifically designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth.
Do braces hurt?
Do braces hurt?
Not at all. What most patients describe is mild, temporary discomfort for a few days after the clear braces are placed and maybe after some adjustments, but patients don’t complain of anything more than that. Think of it like going to the gym, you might be a bit sore at first, but you will eventually feel better.
Are retainers required?
Are retainers required?
Yes, as with all orthodontic treatments, a retainer is necessary to maintain the new, straight position of your teeth. There are a variety of retainer options.
Can I use this treatment for events?
Can I use this treatment for events?
Six Month Smiles gives you confidence. If you are insecure about your smile and have a big event coming up (such as a wedding, graduation, photoshoot etc.), choosing our clear braces will be worth it!
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Dr Amit Kotecha
GDC NO. 67404 Principal Dentist and Registered Specialist Oral Surgeon
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Dr Savan Zala
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Dr Hiren Vaghela
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