White Fillings In Leicester

White Fillings In Leicester

Old fashioned metal (amalgam) fillings are Unsightly and have major disadvantages from the point of view of being mercury based, releasing corrosion products into the body’s system.

Thermal expansion and contraction of these metal fillings results in stress cracks within the natural tooth material. This in itself leads to teeth fracturing.

Ceramic based fillings do not have these disadvantages. We do not utilise cheaper white plastic filling materials. We offer two types of long lasting white fillings. Particulate and solid block. Please contact the practice for more information.

White Fillings In Leicester

A Safer, More Natural Approach

If you have a chipped, broken or badly worn tooth, white fillings can many benefits including:
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General Questions

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What are the Advantages of White Willings?
What are the Advantages of White Willings?
Most patients who choose composite fillings do so because of the cosmetic benefits. Your dentist can create a filling that is matched to the shade of your teeth, so your fillings will blend seamlessly into your smile. Like all fillings, composites protect your teeth after decay is removed to prevent breakage of the remaining tooth structure. These fillings also help to prevent sensitivity that can occur after the decayed portion of the tooth is removed.
What are the Disadvantages?
What are the Disadvantages?
After receiving a composite filling , patient may experience post-operative sensitivity. Also, the shade of the composite can change slightly if you drink tea, coffee or other staining foods. Your dentist can put a clear plastic coating over the composite to prevent the colour from changing if you are particularly concerned about tooth colour.
Are White Fillings better?
Are White Fillings better?
Today’s composite filling materials are made of incredibly strong and durable resin polymer materials and their matrix is often re-enforced with nano-hybrid glass ceramics which increase the wear resistance and compressive strength of the material. The preparation of the tooth for a white filling is much more conservative than for a mercury filling and so when tooth decay is removed it means that more tooth structure is left in-tact and therefore the tooth remains stronger and is more durable.
What is the cost of a white filling?
What is the cost of a white filling?
The rough price guide of a white filling in Leicester is between £140 - £170 depending on your current circumstances.
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