An end to unsightly silver fillings, we can replace them with white fillings giving your smile a whiter more uniform appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

A Guide to White Fillings

Dental Team - CARE Dental Leicester

Old fashioned metal (amalgam) fillings are Unsightly and have major disadvantages from the point of view of being mercury based, releasing corrosion products into the body’s system.

Thermal expansion and contraction of these metal fillings results in stress cracks within the natural tooth material. This in itself leads to teeth fracturing.

Ceramic based fillings do not have these disadvantages. We do not utilise cheaper white plastic filling materials. We offer two types of long lasting white fillings. Particulate and solid block. Please contact the practice for more information.

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White Fillings

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Benefits of having White Fillings

White Fillings Leicester
If you have a chipped, broken or badly worn tooth, white fillings can many benefits including:
  • Natural-looking fillings
  • Metal-free fillings
  • Mercury-free fillings
  • Ceramic fillings
  • Zirconia fillings
  • Cosmetic fillings
  • Fed up of black fillings? Natural white fillings can replace your old fillings
  • Better longevity and less destructive to natural tooth tissue

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