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Are you looking for an invisalign in Leicester?

Look no further. At Care Dental we offer many services but at the heart of our surgery is invisalign, which improves smiles discreetly. 

Curious as to whether invisalign is right for you? Invisalign is meant to perfect those little insecurities you have. They are a good alternative for when you have mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Creating a smile for you, the way you want.

What’s the big deal?

Why you should invest in Invisalign with a dentist in Leicester?

Invisalign in Leicester is an alternative way to straighten your teeth, with them becoming popular in recent years. They are invisible, removable and fast making them a new fashion forward trend, helping you to improve your teeth without everyone noticing. So, don’t hide your smile, get invisalign to change your smile. 

However, invisalign is never just a trend. Teeth are always in style, so they are worth every penny. This is an investment in yourself, allowing you to feel better whilst giving you the freedom to live everyday as if you didn’t have them, they are discreet to wear and easy to take out when needed. 

The aligner can be removed for meals and social occasions making you feel more confident. It eliminates the feeling of everyone staring at you and your teeth, allowing yourself to enjoy and relax. You can smile more vibrantly without a care in the world. 

Invisalign Treatment in Leicester

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How invisalign works?

invisalign in Leicester
invisalign in Leicester

How invisalign in Leicester works

The exact movement needed of your teeth are mapped out through x-rays that create 3D images to create a personalised plan that will best suit you. This allows you to know what to expect every step of the way. 

Plastic aligners made from thermoplastics are then used to straighten your teeth, these are replaced every few weeks and are custom to what your needs are. They are laser trimmed to your gum line so it fits perfectly. They allow for teeth to be moved into the position the dentist wants, essentially pain and hassle free. These can be taken out anytime you want to but are recommended to be kept in most of the day to maximise results at an efficient pace. 

There is no set time for how long invisalign will take, this is based on what you want and need doing to reach your perfect smile. So after your plan has come to an end, you will have a custom retainer to wear every night to keep your smile intact. 


Sometimes people have invisalign aligners after braces because their teeth have moved back due to negligence in the aftercare of their braces.


Invisalign is tailored towards teens and adults due to it’s discrete and cost effective nature.



To maximise your results you should wear your invisalign for 20-22 hours a day. You can take them out for eating and drinking.


Teeth can move back to their original structure. To fix this you will wear a retainer at night and even in some cases you can get permanent thin wires behind your teeth.

The best smile creators in Leicester? That’s us! 

  1. Send us your smile
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  4. Regular appointment to change your aligners 
  5. You now have your radiant new smile! 

We as an Invisalign dentist in Leicester really make it as easy as that, no fuss or long meetings, just quick appointments to update your aligners so you can achieve a smile you are proud to wear. 

invisalign in Leicester

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