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Do you suffer from ‘Dental Phobia’?

If you are nervous about going to the dentist, you are not the only one. The Oral Health Foundation reports that 67% of Brits admit to being apprehensive when visiting the dentist for a check-up. Dental anxiety is very common and it can prevent people going to the dentist for basic treatment, urgent treatment or dental procedures such as All on 4 Implants.

What causes Dental Phobia?

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There are many reasons why people may be scared to visit the dentist. But there are also ways to overcome them! Always make your dentist aware of your worries and they will do their best to accommodate them. 

Anticipating pain: The fear of pain can put anyone off of dental procedures, but people that already suffer with dental anxiety can find it very distressing. However, be reassured that dentists take every procedure with care and professional attention. You are in good and steady hands. 

Fear of the needles: Being scared of needles can be daunting, however you should speak to your dentist beforehand because they can apply numbing gels to make the injection more comfortable. Oral sedation dentist in Leicester is also offered so you breathe it instead of having to face a needle.

Lack of control: The thought of someone putting their hands into your mouth can seem off putting but if you make the dentist aware of this then they have ways they can help. For example, they can talk you through what they are doing, this allows you to visualise what is happening and know what is going on. This would make you feel more comfortable and confident having the procedure. 

Previous dental experience: Bad experiences can stop you from going to the dentist but it shouldn’t get in the way of your oral health. Dentists are there to make you feel at ease so do some research before and speak to the dentist so they can understand your fears. 

Sedation dentist in leicester

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Steps to take if you’re a nervous patient when it comes to visiting the dentist.

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Find a sedation dentist in Leicester

The key is to find a dentist you are comfortable with. Follow the steps below to find the perfect dentist for you. 


  1. Visit the dental practice to experience the environment
  2. Speak with the receptionist and ask any questions that you may have 
  3. Speak with the dentist and let them know your worries
  4. Find out how they would handle the procedure 
  5. Opt in for sedation


These 5 steps will help you get the treatment you want and deserve whilst minimising the anxiety you are experiencing. 

Dental Sedation Options In Leicester

Sedation options 

Dentists professionals are experienced with treating nervous patients and have their own unique ways which can help someone feel more safe during their procedure. To help combat dental anxiety some dental practices offer sedation. Sedation is when drugs are given to you to help you feel more relaxed during your procedure. It can help with minor or big treatments.  Sedation gives you an element of control as you cannot feel anything but you are awake and conscious.

Oral sedation is a bit like gas and air, but instead of it being delivered through a mask it is through a nose piece. Alternatively, there is intravenous sedation, which  is injected in your hand or arm. This keeps you awake and you can still speak to your dentist without feeling anything. It will also relax you so much that you probably won’t remember much of the treatment. 

What causes Dental Phobia?

How Care Dental, the dental sedation specialists, can help you?

How Care Dental can help you 

At Care Dental we make the visit all about you. We know how difficult it is for nervous patients to receive dental treatment so we are dedicated to easing your mind with our dental professionals guiding you every step of the way. 

We welcome patients to come and have a look around the practice and to meet us, showing you our relaxed and positive atmosphere. We tailor how we work to make you feel comfortable. By creating a relaxing environment this helps our approach of being gentle and kind. We also believe communication to be key so we can understand your worries and help you overcome them. 

If you still feel nervous about your treatment after visiting and speaking to us then we offer 2 types of sedation; 

Oral sedation – sedation that is administered through a nose piece  

Intravenous sedation – injection in the back of your hand or arm 

Which sedation treatment you use is entirely up to you. The treatment you are choosing to have is done on your terms. People choose to have sedation as it is a safe option that doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort and helps you remain calm for your procedure. 

Sedative drugs are given intravenously to put you into a very controlled dream-like state that is continuously monitored by a highly trained team – You rest peacefully, we work hard to sort out your dental issues.

The recovery is quick and there is a retrograde amnesia which means you won’t remember the procedure at all. 

No need to worry when the highly trained specialist team at C.A.R.E. Dental Leicester are at hand. Dental phobias can be a thing of the past. 


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