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Angela's Teeth In A Day Journey

C.A.R.E. Dental Leicester would like to thank Angela for sharing her journey. This will no doubt help countless patients to make decisions for their own health.

Angela presented with severe gum disease that had made all her teeth loose, to the point that she was in constant pain. The only solutions were dentures or implants.

The benefit of implants is that they stabilise them bone for the future. Angela’s outcome and journey have been typical of all the patients we have treated over the years.

With good care and Maintenance this work stands the rest of time. Our oldest all on 4 cases are now entering their 30th year of success, this is life changing work and the dedicated team at C.A.R.E. Dental Leicester thrive to make patients lives better.

Take a look as both Dr Kotecha and Angela share a wonderful moment together as the treatment reaches it’s course. 

Watch Angela's Implant Journey Below.
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Read Angela's Heartfelt Review

How would I rate Care Dental? Well, quite frankly a million stars would never be enough.

My name is Angela and I am 58 years old and I have had a dental phobia since an awful experience when I was 16 that resulted in me not being physically able to walk into a dental surgery.

I won’t go into the build up of what went before but, for over a month, I’d had excruciating toothache which became unbearably painful. I emailed Care Dental on a Friday (a day which they are closed) and very shortly afterwards I received a call from Mrs Dee Kotecha who was just lovely. She gently talked me through things as I was sobbing down the phone about how terrified I was. She said that Dr Amit Kotecha would see me out of hours and assured me of how good he was with nervous patients and that she would be there to support me also.

How I got through the door, I don’t know, but true to their word the support was amazing. Dee held my hand whilst Amit immediately discovered 2 cracks in my tooth. He prescribed antibiotics for the infection and with their support I managed to book a second appointment. My plan had been to get help and not return due to my phobia but Amit and Dee gave me the hope that I could return. I knew that my teeth were in very poor shape and after meeting Amit and Dee it felt like it was now or never to see how things really were.

It’d take too many words to recount all of the details but after x-rays and check-ups it was confirmed that I had a considerable amount of bone loss in my jaw (hence my teeth being loose) and this would only get worse without action. I was beyond devastated but through Amit’s care, kindness and patience I was able to move forwards. He saw me for weeks and carefully took me through my options and built trust between us whilst I was a sobbing wreck. Dr Kotecha was very understanding and allowed me to get to know his team (all of whom are very supportive) in order to ease my mind. Long story short, I decided to go all in and have all of my teeth replaced with All On 6 dental implants.

I went in on April 10th and Amit and his team got me through this massive procedure. Unbelievably, I had a full set of temporary replacements from Day 1. The joy and relief of no longer having loose teeth and awful pain was amazing. I followed Amit’s instructions and didn’t suffer any bruising or swelling. How fantastic is that! Amit gave me his phone number and checked on me frequently to make sure all was well. I cannot stress enough how life changing this has been for me.

Amit and his team are just wonderful and they made me feel like their only patient with how caring and friendly they were. I have contacted Amit multiple times with what I have thought of as trivial questions and he has never been anything other that kind and supportive whilst putting my mind at rest. I feel like I have been supported by everyone at Care Dental and wish to say a massive thank you to Alex, Jenny, Yaz, Dee (whom I can never thank enough for helping me get through the door for the very first time) and ultimately Amit for his incredible work and support.

Throughout all of this, Amit has been beyond incredible. He has shown that he is an absolute expert in his field and has been so lovely whilst doing it. What a journey this has been but it was oh so worth it! I’m now pain free, have beautiful teeth and can walk into a Dental Surgery on my own (Not that I would go anywhere other than Care Dental!). I am not exaggerating when I say that this has been completely life changing for me.

I can never rate Care Dental high enough and, if you look back to the beginning of this review, you’ll see why even a million stars wouldn’t come close. To everyone at Care Dental, a massive and heartfelt THANK YOU!

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