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26 Year Old Bridgework Case

This case was done 26 years ago. The implants have stood the test of time, giving the patient long term stability and life changing security of fixed teeth.

This patient had severe problems with teeth becoming loose due to periodontal disease.

All on Six, Implant retained metal ceramic bridge was the chosen treatment plan that this very discerning gentleman.

This patient wanted the fit and feel of natural teeth, he chose to have 6 dental implants to replace the missing teeth, this would help stabilise his jaw bone and prevent “bone resorption”
Bone is a functional material, if it does not receive stress and strain, then like unused muscles it will waste away.

Dentures simply do not provide the bone with stress and strain, which is why the bone resorbs and patients need new dentures every few years.

Dental Implants are the only thing that will provide the bone with stress and strain and so preserve natural functional stability. The treatment conducted 22 years ago has survived beautifully with no deterioration. The bone is stable and the teeth have never given him a day of bother. One very happy and very loyal patient. The impact this has on our careers is immense! To have helped a patient and kept them stable for all these years is a priceless investment in ones own health!

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