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Dental Implant Patient from Africa

This patient was recommended to CARE Dental, by friends and family and she flew in from Africa, lack of decent dental services meant that she had severe gum disease, she had a close family wedding to attend and only 8 weeks before she had to return to Africa.

Not only were we able to remove the loose teeth, but we reconstructed all the lost bone tissue and gum tissue, 6 implants were placed upper and lower and the patient went back to Africa for the wedding, with a few days to spare.

Immediate loading is not always suitable, however with CBCT 3D planning (Cone Beam CT scans) we are able to map the bone quality and quantity accurately and even use 3D planning to place the implants and fit teeth in one day.

All on Six fixed Implant Retained dental Bridgework is stable, aesthetic and very longevous.

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