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Veneers Case Study

Patient Review

From the very first contact I’ve never felt so welcomed and happy at a dentist, in fact, the service, professionalism and warm, friendly feel is better than some supposed posh hotels!
All of the team there are amazing.
I had spent a huge chunk of my life never wanting to be on photo’s or videos etc because I was so bothered about my teeth and smile.
Now, thanks to the amazing work by Amit and Ava, I have a smile that I’ve never had and feel so happy about. It is literally life-changing and exactly what I needed at this time in my life.
If like me, you feel the same about your smile now, don’t delay, go to Care Dental. You will not regret it.
Took just 2 weeks for the process. Pain free on both visits. Made to feel at complete ease all the way through.
Well over 100 reviews and all 5 stars tells you everything you need to know and is exactly why when I was researching, I chose Care Dental.
Amazing surgery, amazing team. 🙂

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